Advice and Tips for Pets

Live in harmony with your dog

Your dog is part of the family, as part of a family, he needs to be guided like children to adapt, to have boundaries, to feel safe, to be happy and relaxed. Learn to trust and trust. Feel safe, be respectful, and be respected. Feel love and be loved for who you are.

Coexist in harmony with your dog

I gave up training dogs years ago. I now train people to help their dogs fit into our world as quickly as possible and with the understanding that everything comes in time, no pressure to grow up or perform before their time. No pressure to get involved with anything and everyone we meet. For this purpose we grow together with our dog and really connect spirit with spirit. So that a dog is happy just to be himself and not have to interact with everything and everyone.

So that we can build a relationship with our dogs that is based on trust and understanding

Expectations of Life with a Dog

Your first expectation when living with another species is to help them be themselves. To help them exhibit natural behaviors. Remember, they can’t do some things that you expect, such as: Walking past another dog without reacting when you are too close to that other dog. When they present the fear with undue interest, don’t expect anything other than to push forward and bring them back to you. You must be their guide light to everyone and everything you meet, sensible, calm, and friendly so that you, your dog, and others are happy and safe too.

Paws for thought

Ask what your dog needs as opposed to what you expect from your dog.

The sociable dog

Dogs are social, intelligent beings. They watch and learn when we are not teaching practically. They learn how to win and lose, how to fit in or not, how to manipulate and teach us to bow to their desires.

We often hear statements such as “My dog ​​got its gold price, but is afraid of separation and jumps at people who come into my house.” My dog ​​was well socialized, but pounces on dogs while walking “. These are unsociable canines and those that have been exposed to far too much too soon. We have to ignore our dogs, walk past others who have a real connection to you. To do this, we don’t have to meet every dog ​​and person we pass, but rather pass them and show that ignoring is polite.

Ignoring protects them and others. Choose your dogs’ friends from a close-knit group. The ones they can be with and not overdo with activity. They can have fun, but of course if it gets too much they can stop to calm the situation down. It’s the right way to learn the sensitivity to make friends instead of engaging in intense meetings.

Dogs that have only known control in their lives were never allowed to think for themselves. Educational advice is everything between dog and human. This allows them to be proactive rather than reacting when they meet new things and animals. A thoughtful, social dog does not plow, it will politely judge and sniff the bum etc (handshake) and move on. So help them function the way nature intended. Quietly polite and well versed in dog language.

Lead a dog to self-control and happiness

Dogs learn like us best in a safe environment with the right guide who understands what makes us tick. No wonder, then, that her best learning takes place at home. Here, without exception, they train / teach us to react to their reactions. Where they watch our every move and draw their own conclusions depending on our answer to a given (non-verbal) question they ask.

So leave out the middleman in all of this and make it simple and straightforward so that the dog then has to think more about actions and personal space instead of us micromanaging or controlling the dog in a situation.

If your dog is very excited to see you, help him gain self-control and take a more thoughtful approach by averting his gaze and stepping in for the dog to come down. You call your dog when he respects your place. He has learned to control himself through leadership, which leaves him the choice to approach with more thought.

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